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    The Neve network visualisation environment has a information visualisation concept and an open architecture that will allow you to integrate every network-ressource you can think of.

    With Neve, you can easily add 3D-visualisation functionality to your management applications by using the functions of the NeveAPI. Neve is completely integrated in a JMX Java Management Extensions Agent. For this, we used mx4j, the opensource implementation of JMX. Neve consists of four visualisation services, MIB-objects and definitions of representations for them. You can easily code your own definitions and representations for your applications with a few lines of code.

    The present version of the server can read 3D-models defined with the milkshape shareware-modeller. The following graphics are predefined at the moment: Host, Interface,Switch,SwitchPort, WebServer, WebBrowser. Multiple types of connections and relations can be viewed and defined.

    Below, you can see some screenshots of the Neve client-software:

  • The 3d-part of the user interface was recently integrated and is now providing direct interaction with the servers functions and dynamic modules.

  • An old version of Neve viewing three traceroutes. On the right side, you can see the interaction-part of the user interface based on the Java JMX RI. This can still be used as a detailed frontend, but most of the work can now be done using the integrated client.

    a traceroute

  • Neve viewing a network and a distant HTTP-trafficflow

    This is a framework and still in an experimental state so don't expect a ready-to-use tool for your special usecases. Probably you first have to write some more code to make it fit your visualisation needs. Be also warned that the first installation can still be a nuisance :-(
    Please tell us about your experiences (tell us what you did with Neve), * join our team * or send us your code if you use Neve in your project. 

    Download your copy of Neve now !

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    Last Update: 29.07.05